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Software Application

plux software

3 applications

Each application uses its own sensor

technical information

  • ergonomic software for Windows®
  • 1 wireless (8 channel)
    wearable clip system
  • 5 EMG sensors + 1 accelerometer
  • 100 reusable disposable
    detection surfaces
  • Portable carrying box
    with online user manual

Wireless Belt Clip

plux device

This wireless belt clip collects and digitizes the signals from the sensors, transmitting them via Bluetooth® to the computer, where they are visualized in real time. Its channels have 12 bits, and its sampling frequency is 1000Hz.

It also has a terminal for connecting the AC adapter and charge the internal battery (which enables a 12h range), and a channel to connect the reference electrode, which is essential for the proper monitoring of electromyography signal.

technical information

  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • 4 AnalogChannels (12 bit) - Sampling rate of 1000 Hz
  • weight: only 46g
  • compact dimensions - 82x54x15mm

Body Sensors

plux sensors
sEMG Active Dipole

Our miniaturized sEMG active sensorshave low noise characteristics that allows them to be used in the most adverse condition of EMG acquistion.

plux sensors
plux ACCEL sensor

The triaxial accelerometer is based on MEMS® (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology and has been developed for biomedical applications where cinematic and motion measurements are required.

plux sensors
plux ANG sensor

The ang Plux sensor is a dual axis goniometer that allows the monitorization of angles in two different plains during movements.